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3DVIA: Communicate ideas and help others learn through our 3D lifelike experiences.

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DELMIA: Dassault Systèmes Digital Manufacturing Solution offers DELMIA World News, which shows the latest in 3D, from early simulations to today’s lifelike experience.

ENOVIA: The ENOVIA Collaborative Innovation community is now live. Click here to join.

SIMULIA: Achieve ROI with Design-Integrated Simulation. Learn how to use design-integrated simulation to your advantage. Download whitepaper.

SOLIDWORKS: 10 Tips on Using Microsoft Office Excel: presented to you by Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. Watch the videos!







Learning Resources

> Creating custom blocks is an important feature in DraftSight™. This Make Block
   Tutorial is designed to help you get started creating and inserting blocks in your

> With DraftSight now available for the Mac, it’s important to set up your mouse
   correctly. Watch this Setting up your Mouse for DraftSight on the Mac Tutorial for
   helpful information when using a Mac®.

> Join the SwYm DraftSight Community to get access to all online training resources,
   including videos, curriculums, tutorials and much more.

  Community Tips & Tricks

> Find and Replace Tip
   Use the Find command to find and replace text in your 
   At the command prompt, type Find. Using the 
   Find and Replace dialog, you can select the text to be 
   replaced in your document. Find will even locate text 
   within a block and modify the block to include the
   new text!

> Delete Layer Tip
   The DeleteLayer command will delete all entities on a 
   specified layer and remove the layer from the drawing. 
   This is a quick way of removing unwanted layers and its 
   associated geometry.

   Click Format>Layer Tools>Delete or type DeleteLayer at 
   the command prompt. You can choose the layer by
   specifying an entity or by typing its name.

> Join the SwYm DraftSight Community to share your
   tips & techniques with other users.

  What’s New

> New Beta Version of DraftSight for Windows® now available! To download, simply go to
   the DraftSight download page and click on the download DraftSight for Windows® button.
   In this version we resolved a lot of bugs that you told us about. Thank you for your
   feedback and for helping us make DraftSight better. We’ll be launching the general
   release of DraftSight very soon – stand by. Plus, for those Linux
® users, don’t miss our
   upcoming release of DraftSight for Linux

> How do you use DraftSight? Meet a machine shop veteran who urges teens to choose
   careers over crime. Read more.

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  DraftSight Support Options

> Sign up for free Community Support and get access to an abundance of online
   learning resources and iQuestions where you can present your questions to the
   DraftSight community.

> Or, purchase the DraftSight Premium Service package that provides a network
   license plus API, telephone and email support.

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