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3DVIA Composer: Leverage your existing 3D product design data to streamline the way you create, update, and distribute product communications. Learn more.

CATIA: Discover cutting-edge ways to deliver meaningful products that empower your creativity and embrace environmental, social and quality concerns.  Download the white paper "Design is the Differentiator."

DELMIA: Two universities leverage DELMIA to increase collaboration and manufacture a winning race car. Click here to find out how.

ENOVIA: Explore ENOVIA V6R2011x, the latest release of the Dassault Systèmes platform for Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management.

SIMULIA: Realistic simulation solutions. Check out the new DesignSight demos for Automotive, Industrial Equipment and Consumer Packaged Goods.

SOLIDWORKS: Take a first look at how SolidWorks 3D CAD solutions enable you to quickly transform new ideas into great products.





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Learning Resources

> A fresh new command in DraftSight is the Trapezoid Command. A Trapezoid is a
   four sided figure with one pair of parallel sides.  Use the Trapezoid command to
   draw a 2D conical entity.  The Trapezoid is created as a PolyLine entity.

> In the latest episode of Let's Go Design, Jeremy uses DraftSight to help his
   productivity.  Watch this video, DraftSight and Let's Go Design, to see how he
   was able to use 2D legacy data to help create the design of his field of play.

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  Community Tips & Tricks

> SpellCheck Tip

You can check the spelling inside your DraftSight Drawing.  Type SpellCheck at the command prompt.  In the graphics area, select the Text entities to check and press <Enter>. The SpellCheck dialog box appears if DraftSight finds a spelling mistake.  You can choose to Ignore, Ignore All, Change, Change All and even Look Up a word to find Synonyms.

> Flip Command Tip

Use the Flip command to create a mirror copy of entities, deleting the source entities.

The command contrasts to the Mirror command in that entities do not remain in their original positions when they move across the mirror axis.  Instead they maintain the same relative position to the symmetry axis, but flip about the specified mirror axis.

You can define the reflection axis freely by specifying two points.  Use Ortho mode to force the mirror line to be parallel to the X- or Y-axis of the coordinate system.

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  What’s New

> NOW AVAILABLE! DraftSight General Release for Windows.  Download now!
   DraftSight for Linux will be available within weeks - stand by!

What’s so important about pallets? See how Design Pallets, Inc. is using DraftSight.

> DraftSight mini poll. What work-related associations are you a member of?

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  DraftSight Support Options

Whether you're a professional CAD user, student or educator, DraftSight has a support option that's right for you.

> We encourage all DraftSight users to sign up for free Community Support and get
   access to an abundance of online learning resources and iQuestions where you can
   present your questions to the DraftSight community.

> Commercial users can purchase the DraftSight Premium Pack that provides
   a network license plus API, telephone and email support. For more information, send an
   email to:

> Educators can purchase the DraftSight Premium Education Classroom or Campus
   Pack that provides a network license, telephone and email support, plus curriculum
   materials. For more information, contact your local Value Added Reseller.

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