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7 Tips for Windows® 7 - Brought to you by Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp., this screencast covers 7 tips for transforming Windows 7 from a basic operating system to a powerful engineering application. You’ll learn how to use taskbar, manage your windows, use integrated search functionality, work with various applications, and much more. Watch now.

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The Lyons' Share Video Tip - Trapezoid Command

Creating Paper Snowflakes with DraftSight
With the holiday season upon us, why not use DraftSight to create some of your festive decorations. Watch this video and see how you can create paper snowflakes using DraftSight.

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Appending a Line Segment
To append a line segment to an existing line or arc: Click Draw > Line (or type Line). Press Enter. The appended continuation line attaches to the end of last Line or arc that you drew. Click a point to define the appended line segment and press Enter.

Temporary Esnap Override
When creating your geometry, there may be a need to use a temporary esnap override. The easiest way to do this is to hold the SHIFT key down and press the right mouse button. This will bring up the menu of Esnap options. Choose the one that you need, and continue working.

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We've got a great gift for you! We've bundled useful tips, tricks, tutorials and learning resources into one easy-to-view DraftSight Master Series Flipbook. Bookmark it as your go-to reference guide.


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