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Learning Resources

> The Mouse Gesture is a way of combining pointing device movements and clicks
   which DraftSight™ recognizes as a specific command. Mouse gestures can provide
   quick access to common functions of a program. They can also be useful for people
   who have difficulties typing commands.

> Customizing your user environment to increase productivity is key for any proficient
   user. With DraftSight, you can create your own custom toolbars as a way of
   increasing your productivity by grouping commonly used commands into one specific
   tool bar.

> Join the SwYm DraftSight Community to get access to all online training resources,
   including videos, curriculums, tutorials and much more.

  Community Tips & Tricks

> Flip Command Tip
   Use the Flip command to create a mirror copy of entities,
   deleting the source entities. The command contrasts to
   the Mirror command in that entities do not remain in their
   original positions when they move across the mirror axis.
   Instead they maintain the same relative position to the
   symmetry axis, but flip about the specified mirror axis.
   You can define the reflection axis freely by specifying two
   points. Use ortho mode to force the mirror line to be   
   parallel to the X- or the Y-axis of the coordinate system.
   To flip drawing entities type Flip at the command prompt.

> Copy@ Tip
   Use the Copy@ command to copy selected entities and
   a reference point from the drawing onto the Windows®
   clipboard. From the clipboard, you can paste the entities
   into open drawings using the Paste and PasteAsBlock
   commands. The entities selected with Copy@ remain on
   the clipboard until you place new entities on the clipboard.

   Note: The Copy command copies entities in the drawing
   from a specified base point to target points within the
   drawing, but not to the clipboard.

   To copy to the clipboard with a reference point: Click Edit >
   Copy with Reference Point (or type Copy@).

> Join the SwYm DraftSight Community to share your
   tips & techniques with other users.

  What’s New

> Did you know that you can download virtually anything you need for your design
   layout as a 2D .DWG file at Here you’ll find millions of
   reusable CAD files, most of which are available as a 2D download. Visit today or check out the video that shows how easy it is to
   access these files.

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  DraftSight Support Options

Whether you're a professional CAD user, student or educator, DraftSight has a support option that's right for you.

> We encourage all DraftSight users to sign up for free Community Support and get
   access to an abundance of online learning resources and iQuestions where you can
   present your questions to the DraftSight community.

> Commercial users can purchase the DraftSight Premium Service package that provides
   a network license plus API, telephone and email support. For more information, send an
   email to:

> Educators can contact their local Value Added Reseller to purchase the DraftSight
   Education Services package that provides a network license, telephone and email
   support, plus curriculum materials.

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