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SolidWorks Edrawings

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Stay ahead of your competition by strengthening the link between design and manufacturing while optimizing machining processes and gaining productivity. Discover DELMIA’s Industrial Equipment Machining Applications.

See how engineers in the energy industry are using realistic simulation solutions to optimize performance, evaluate designs, and further their understanding of the environments they work in - SIMULIA Community News.

The Lyons' Share Video Tip - Flip and Stretch

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Webinar: "Using Blocks, Attributes and Fields"
Get an in-depth understanding of how to create and modify blocks, as well as how to add attribute data. Plus, learn when to use fields instead of attributes. Register now.


DraftSight takes to the high seas. Facilities Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering and Marine Engineering majors at The Massachusetts Maritime Academy are now accessing DraftSight on 50 virtual desktop devices in the library, student lounges and dorms. The Academy is now saving tens of thousands of dollars in management fees.

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