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Match Layer Tip - You can change entities to match a destination Layer. To match the Layer of entities to a destination Layer, click Format > Layer Tools > Change Entity's Layer (or type MatchLayer). 

In the graphics area, select Entities with layer changes and press Enter or select an entity on the destination Layer or specify the Layer Name option and select a Layer in the Choose New Layer dialog box.

What to do if you Move instead of Copy - If you Move an object instead of Copying it, don’t panic. Use the Copy@ command and copy the object using 0,0 as a reference point. Then Undo your Move until the object is back in its original position. Use the Paste command with a reference point of 0,0 and you’ll have your copy and your original object.

Weldment Design Buyers Guide



Edit Polyline: One of the most useful commands in DraftSight is the EditPolyLine command. Use the EditPolyLine command to edit PolyLines and PolyLine vertices by:

  • Opening a closed PolyLine, or closing an open PolyLine
  • Joining a PolyLine with other drawing entities such as Lines, Arcs, or PolyLines
  • Changing the width of the whole PolyLine
  • Editing the control points (vertices) of individual PolyLine segment

You can perform many edits of one or more PolyLines with a single EditPolyLine command. If you revert PolyLine editing with a subsequent Undo command, all the working steps are reverted as a whole.

Polygon: Use the Polygon command to create a regular polygon (a polygon with equal sides and angles). A polygon is a closed multisided entity consisting of 3 to 1024 equal length sides. You could draw a polygon using the Line command, but the more sides needed, the more complicated the construction will be. The polygon command will create a PolyLine entity.



Interested in how you can assure continuity and standardize all your drawings? Join us for an upcoming Webinar hosted on our Facebook page to learn how using the Drawing Settings and Drafting Style Options can allow you to standardize your drawings, assure continuity and make the drafting process more efficient.

Date/Time: Wednesday, August 31st, 11 a.m. EST
Title: Creating your Drawing Settings and Drafting Style Options
Summary: Learn how to use the Drawing Settings and Drafting Style Options in your drawings and how to save them in a template file so you can standardize your drawings, saving time and assure continuity.

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