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3DVIA: Bring your 2D and 3D designs to life inside the collaborative virtual environments of 3DVIA POST3D. Start your free preview of this new technology today!

CATIA: Imagine the best of 3D Design combined with the most powerful manufacturing solution. Save precious time and optimize your process.

DELMIA: Learn why a major aerospace manufacturer expands their use of Dassault Systemes’ solutions and upgrades DELMIA Robotics implementation.

ENOVIA: Explore ENOVIA V6R2011x, the latest release of the Dassault Systèmes' platform for Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management.

SIMULIA: Kimberly-Clark shares analysis methods with SIMULIA Simulation Lifecycle Management. Read the case study.

SOLIDWORKS: Take a first look at how SolidWorks 3D CAD solutions enable you to quickly transform new ideas into great products.





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Learning Resources

> Training - Increase your productivity with DraftSight! Although DraftSight is a
   2D product, we invite you to download virtually anything you need for your
   design layout at 3D ContentCentral. Most models contained at 3D ContentCentral
   are available to download as a 2D .DWG file.

> The Linear Dimension Tutorial command creates horizontal, vertical, and
    rotated linear dimensions. Follow this video and learn more about this function.

> Join the SwYm DraftSight Community to get access to all online training resources,
    including videos, curriculums, tutorials and much more.


  Community Tips & Tricks

> Opening and Replacing Drawings
The ReplaceOpen and ReplaceNew commands replace the current drawing with a new one. In effect, these commands close the current drawing, and then display a dialog box for opening another drawing. If necessary, you are prompted to save the drawing being closed.

> Save All Drawings at Once
Use the SaveAll command to save the drawing in the current window and all other open drawings.

To save all open drawings:

  • Type SaveAll.
  • Opened drawings are saved under the location, name, and file type specified when they were opened.
  • If a drawing is unnamed, the Save File dialog box opens so you can set the location, name, and file type.

> Join the SwYm DraftSight Community to share your
    tips & techniques with other users.

  What’s New

> Good News for Linux users! DraftSight is now available for Linux (Beta version).
    Download now and tell your colleagues!

> DraftSight general release for Windows was launched on February 23rd.
   Have you downloaded  this general release yet? (Windows Beta II will expire on
   April 30th, 2011.)

> DraftSight is easy to use plus it comes with a free "Getting Started" Guide.
   Click here to download

 > DraftSight and Robotics competitions bring out the best in students and machines.

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  DraftSight Support Options

Whether you're a professional CAD user, student or educator, DraftSight has a support option that's right for you.

> We encourage all DraftSight users to sign up for free Community Support and get
   access to an abundance of online learning resources and iQuestions where you can
   present your questions to the DraftSight community.

> Commercial users can purchase the DraftSight Premium Pack that provides
   a network license plus API, telephone and email support. For more information, send an
   email to:

> Educators can purchase the DraftSight Premium Education Classroom or Campus
   Pack that provides a network license, API, telephone and email support, plus curriculum
   materials. For more information, contact your local Value Added Reseller.

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